With Learnyst now you can send customized certificates to your learners, once they complete a course or test.

Here, I will guide you through all the steps to create your course certificates.

Sign in to your Learnyst admin dashboard and click on the add-on section. Alternatively, you can click on certification within the course builder page

On the next page, click on Certificate and the certificate details page opens up

This will take you to the certificates dashboard.

Note: Please make sure, you have enabled the certificates for the course.

Click on the course name for which certification is enabled. For e.g: Skill Management

On the next page, click on the certificate builder on this page

This will take you to the certification builder of your course.

Now, click on add certification criteria to add any conditions for your certificates.

For e.g, you can issue certificates only for students who get >75 marks in your quiz.

This creates the certification criteria. Next, Let us design the certificate

Click on the design certificate button on the top right-hand side.

This takes you to the certification builder page.

We have some really cool and amazing templates for you. You can pick them from the Choose template button on the bottom.

Pick the certificate to edit

Click the edit background option to change the background.

Pick an image or color to replace the background.

Click on the color panel box. A color palette will appear. Scroll your mouse to change the color you want. For e.g. I am changing the color from blue to black.

Click save to change the background image.

Use a similar technique to change the background color of the bigger section.

Next, add your signature, by clicking on the Add signature option.

Next, click on the upload image option.

Add your signature here.

This will add the signature for you. Similarly, add the signature for the co-issuer as well.

Similarly, complete the certificate by adding your name and your co-issuer name in the certificate.

Click Save to bring in all the changes.

Click on Generate Sample to check if everything is all right with your certificate.

Once you are satisfied, click on Publish, to create your new certificate.

If you don't want to use templates, you can use the above steps to change the default certification templates.

Hope this helped you to create a certificate for your course. Check out how learners can share their certificates on social media.

Note 1: To enable the certification for your online course you first have to add at least one test lesson to the course. This is mandatory.

Note 2: Certificate Legends,
$$student.name$$$ : Name of the student
$$course.title$$$ name of the course
$$start_date$$$ and $$end_date$$$: Shows the duration of the course

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