With Learnyst now you can send customized certificates to your learners, once they complete a course or test. Here, I will guide you through all the steps to create your course certificates.

  • Sign in to your Learnyst admin dashboard and click on add-on. Alternatively you can click on certification from the course builder page
  • In the next page, click on Certificate and the certificate details page opens up
  • Click on the course name for which Lesson Test is enabled and a certificate can be added (This is denoted by Enabled sign under Status bar)
  • In the next page you will get all the details about the course, in terms of certificates issued. Click on certificate builder on this page
  • In the next page you have to first enter the criteria for issuing certificate and then you can customize it
  • When you click on the Design Certificate button you will be taken to the certificate builder page, as shown below
  • All the texts and images on this page are customizable. Just click on the items and you will see a customization box on the left hand side (Note: Don't alter the data within $$...$$$. The information will be fetched from our data base)
  • Click on Edit Background to edit the background of the certificate
  • Change the logo in a similar way. Rest all the customzation can be done in a similar way
  • Once you are done editing the builder you can preview the certificate
  • Here is a sample certificate made for your reference.
  • When you are done with your work, publish the certificate and let your learners know

Note 1: To enable the certification for your online course you first have to add atleast one test lesson to the course. This is mandatory.

Note 2: Certificate Legends,
$$student.name$$$ : Name of the student
$$course.title$$$ name of the course
$$start_date$$$ and $$end_date$$$: Shows the duration of the course

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