Exporting your PPT into images is totally possible and easy. And In this post, we will see how to convert your PPT into images and add them in your course.

How to Convert PPT Into Images

First, open the presentation and click on File

Next, click on the Save as option and click browse

Click on the bottom save as and select the JPEG or PNG format.

You can choose to export the entire slides or just one slide. Pick the entire slide option if you want to export all your slides.

You will find a folder name ( same name as your slide) automatically created. Your slides will be inside this folder.

To upload lessons as slides, first save your PPT slides as an image file (in JPEG or PNG format).

How to upload lessons in Dashboard

  • Once you have added a section you can add lessons under that section. To add lessons to your sections click on the desired Lesson type button or drag and drop the Lesson button into the dotted area

  • Click on Slide and in the next screen upload desired slides as lesson content

  • In the next screen, you can drag and drop your slides from your laptop/computer. Alternatively, you can embed and stream slides from your dropbox account.

  • To edit the name of the lesson click on the specified field as shown in the image below and edit the name

  • To add a lesson tag click on the specified field as shown in the image below

  • To configure the lesson as a trial one click on the button as shown in the image below

  • To add attachments for learners to download, click on the add sign (+) next to the attachment as shown in the image below

  • Once you make all the necessary changes, click on save and exit

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