To add math equation to your question go to Tests > Your test > test builder > multiple choice question > Question builder.

[ Note: To include maths equations in your questions, it has to be in Latex form ]. You can simply click on Equation editor to generate latex form equation.

  • Equation Builder opens up. Now, suppose you want to add the equation below to your test.
  • To type this into equation builder follow the steps mentioned below. Select the symbol options on the top panel. Lets select Root Sign. You can select the square root and type inside the dotted area. Similarly you can choose any symbol and form the desired mathematical equation and below in the text field the latex form of the same equation gets generated.


  • Click on e to the power x symbol now and type in equation. Similarly you can choose any symbol and form the desired mathematical equation.


  • At the bottom there is equation generated in the form of latex equation. Copy the below equation to paste in your Mock test or you can also save it into a txt file for later use.


  • Paste the equation which you copied from equation Editor with "\(...\)" sign to delimit inline equations and "\[...\]" for blocks. like for example 
  1. \(...\) for equations which will be part of the ongoing sentence/line
  2. \[...\] for equations which you want to show in a separate line than the ongoing sentence line
  • Click on Save. You can see the preview of how your actual equation gets displayed in the question you just framed.

  • Once done with question creation click on Save button to save changes to your multiple choice question 
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