You can directly import your mock test questions as word doc or Excel (xlxs) files and easily create a mock test. To import question paper in .doc format,

  • Go to Mock Test > Create new test. Once you are in test builder click on Import button. (Note: Make sure that there is no existing sections in your mock test)
  • In the following screen, select the mode of import - word doc or excel sheet and click on Next.
  • Download the sample word doc template from the next screen
  • Now format your question paper in a similar fashion and save it as Web Page Filtered, (.htm, .html). If the question paper contains images, they will automatically get saved in a separate folder with same name as the html file (as you can see in the image below)
  • Select the html copy of the mock test question and upload. Once successfully uploaded, click on Next.
  • If you have images for the questions they will be saved in a separate folder with same name as the html file. In the next screen you will be able to upload the image folder if your mock test is having images. Select all the images and upload them to your mock test builder.
  • If there are no images in your word file, you will see the final review screen. Once you review and click on publish, it will be available for the learners. If there is any spelling check or anything, you can edit them in this review screen
  • If you are happy with the final output, please click on Publish and your mock test will be created.
  • To help you try out a sample mock test we have prepared ready to upload html and image folder. Please click on below button to get sample word document with html & image folder that you can upload instantly.

Additional Information To Improve Image Quality in Word

If you are facing issue with poor image quality or blank images please do the following steps while saving the word doc as html file,

  • First click on More Options (Available in MS Office 360)
  • Next click on Tools
  • From the dropdown select Web Options 
  • In the first tab, select PNG as graphic content
  • Now click on Pictures and select 120 as pixel per inch
  • Now after saving it open the Tool again. Click on Compress Pictures
  • Select High Fidelity as your preferred choice and save it

And you are good to go.

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