Enabling & disabling learners from your course, are two sides of your e-learning business.

Adding learners can help you assess your course, get reviews. Removing unwanted learners helps you create a crisp list of active & interested learners.

In this support article, let us see how to disable learner access from your course.

Login to Learnyst as admin and go to Users>Learners.

Now in the search bar type the Name/Email ID of the learner whose marks you want to check.

In the search result, click on the email ID of the learner.

  • On the User details page go to Courses. Click on the three vertical dots and select remove access.

  • Click on Disable access and click on Yes, Remove

The course is removed and a new course takes its place.

Hope this article helped you to remove the learner from your course. To remove groups of learners, use the filter condition to display the select learners.

Check these support articles on how to add more individual learners or add learners in bulk.

To know more on how to manage your learners, refer to the comprehensive master guide on managing your learners



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