If you have more than 10 students, adding learners to your course one by one is a bad idea. It takes a lot of your time.

Using a simple excel template, you can now add your learners to your course in bulk. Be it 10 students or 1000, this bulk upload will save you time.

Watch the full video from 1:30s to 5:00s to import your learners. Alternatively, you can read the full steps below.

Let us see how to do it.

  • Login into Learnyst and go to Users>Learners.

  • Now, click on the Import button on the top navbar.

  • Select the Import learners to products option and click on Next

  • Next, you will enter the import learners screen. Here, you can download the Import excel template to import your learner details.

  • The Import template will help you to import learner details with default fields. To download it click on the import template.

  • But, If you want to import custom details of learners, like which city they belong to or what their math percentage score is, then you can select the Import with the custom fields option and click on the Generate template with custom fields excel sheet.

  • You can see the learner template file below.

To add a learner to the excel sheet, fill in the name, email id, and password. Once done, scroll towards the right side.

This is where most creators make mistake. On the right side, enter the course name as it is. Copy the exact course name and paste it here.

Note: Other fields like validity, amount paid, Start date, Access type are optional. But, it is always a good practice to enter these details.

Once you have pasted the student details in this template, you can upload it. I have added some sample student data for my course named: Computer Fundamentals.

  • Now, to upload this excel sheet, go back to your Import learners tab and click on the Upload button and upload the excel sheet.

  • Next, click on the import button to import all your learners.

  • You can check if the import has been successful by going to the Import Status tab.

  • You can see the success stats within the imports screen as shown in the screenshot.

Once the learner list is updated, we will send you a mail detailing all the learners who have been successfully added to the course.

Note: The user id and password of the learner will be his/her email id and 'password' by default. They can change it later by signing in to their account.

To know more on how to manage your learners, refer to the comprehensive master guide on managing your learners.

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