• Login to Learnyst and go to Mobile Analytics
  • On the side panel click on Segments and then click on New Segment button
  • Enter the segment name and to add filter to your segment, click on '+' to expand the drop-down list and choose the filter.
  • Select from the dropdown, based on how you would want to apply the filter on the students list. You can apply filter based on Courses, Quizzes, Bundles, lessons completed in selected courses, enroll type, test score, device type, student's certification, email, enrollment date, purchase date and the Course expiry date.
  • When you select the Condition, you can select as many check boxes you wish to add and click on tick mark button to add the condition to your segment.

Note: You can add many more filter conditions by clicking on ‘+’ icon.

  • Then click on Save Segment to create the segment. The segment gets created successfully
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