When you open an account with Learnyst your, the web address of your school will be a Learnyst subdomain, such as “howtosetupyourschool” in howtosetupyourschool.learnyst.com. But you can map the subdomain of your own domain (such as howtosetupyourschool.com) to your default learnyst page. This feature is called host mapping.

A typical web address looks as follows:

  • The domain is like name of your locality which denotes a particular realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.

  • A subdomain is like the address of your house in your locality, it helps to point the user towards a particular website within the realm.

The combination of domain and subdomain, together helps users find any particular website.

When you configure your DNS for to link your Learnyst subdomain with your custom domain you have to edit the CNAME or canonical name and link your subdomain by putting your "host" (www) and "Link to" details.

[Note: CNAME or Canonical name is the properly denoted host name and it often functions as the alias or nickname of your canonical host name record in a domain name system (DNS) database.]

There are different Internet Domain Registrar that you can use to set up your own custom domain and map it to your Learnyst subdomain.

  1. Configure GoDaddy

  2. Configure Bigrock

  3. Configure Cpanel 

  4. Configure Hostgator 

  5. Configure Bluehost

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