• Go to My Products > Domains > Manage

  • Click on DNS next to your preferred custom URL.

  • Click on Edit sign, next to the CNAME (If you want your main domain i.e www.mycustomdomain.com to point to the Learnyst account.

  • Keep the host name as www and fill out the Points to value as  pro-ssl.learnyst.com and save the changes

  • Alternatively if you want to create a new sub-domain for your url, you can scroll down a bit more and click on ADD.

  • On the next prompt, select CNAME from the dropdown and you will see a screen like the following

  • As the Host, input the subdomain prefix name ('courses' if your desired subdomain is courses.mycustomdomain.com) and add the Points to value as pro-ssl.learnyst.com 

Adding Redirection

If you have configured your main domain (www.mycustomdomain.com for example) to your Learnyst account, you need to add a redirection as well so that mycustomdomain.com redirects to the same page. To do so,

  • Scroll down a little more until you see the Forwarding on the right hand side. Click on Add

  • In the forward to section select https:// if you have added pro-ssl.learnyst.com as the CNAME host previously. Set the forward type as Permanent 301 and select forward only and save the changes.

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