When you are building your online teaching website using Learnyst website builder, you can edit your contents in section. Here I will show you how to edit and manage your contents in section.

Edit Content:

You can edit contents in your section. You can edit the text, change background.

  • Go to your Learnyst Admin Dashboard > Site Builder
  • This will redirect you to your site builder page. Here you can edit the contents in the sections.
  • When you place your mouse pointer over different segments of the section, it will show you the option to Edit it according to your wish.

  • When you click on the Edit button, it will open the text editor and allows you to edit the section text using "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG).

Edit Your Text Using WYSIWYG

You can edit your texts within the section using WYSIWYG text editor.

  • When you hover your mouse pointer over the texts, you will see Edit option
  • Click on Edit. It will open the text editor box
  • The text editor box shows the text just as it will look when you hit the Save option.
  • Using the WYSIWYG text editor you can stylize your text and edit it to best meet your taste.
  • The benefit of the WYSIWYG text editor is, it displays the text during editing, in the format in which it will be visible after saving the changes.

Changing Images

You can also change images present on your sections. In you site builder you can change the icon of your school and also the background images of the sections.

Changing Icon

To change the icon of your school,

  • Go to your Learnyst Admin Dashboard > Click on Site Builder
  • Hover your mouse pointer over your school icon
  • You will see the Edit option
  • Once you are done editing, click on Save button.

Changing Background
You can also change the background of your section just like changing your school icon.

  • Go to your site builder
  • You will see button "Background"

  • Click on background to change the background.
  • Once you change your section background, click on save.
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