In this support article, let us see how to add a sub-segment and organize your content. Learn how to create a segment if you haven't done it already.

How To Create Sub-segments

(Watch the video from 03:10s to 04:03s or read the entire steps below)

  • First, click on the unpublished segment and click on add sub-segment

  • For e.g: I can create multiple sub-segments based on various English language training courses like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE.

how to organize your courses using segments
  • Add images in your subsegments and click on the create segment button to create the new sub-segment.

how to organize your courses using segments
  • You can now add more sub-segments or contents within your sub-segments.

  • To publish the sub-segment, click on the publish button to make it LIVE.

  • Now go back to the segments and click on the enable button.


Note: You need at least 1 product in your segment or sub-segment to publish it.

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