You can now sell your courses using a subscription model wherein students can make recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis.

In this article, let us get started with creating your subscription on Learnyst.

Step 1: Enable Subscription Selling Mode

  • To enable subscriptions, first, go to your admin dashboard and click on the settings

  • Click on the pricing model select the Subscription Plan option and click Save.

    Now, you are ready to sell courses using a subscription plan.

Step 2: Create A Subscription Plan

  • Go to products and select the subscription option

  • Click on the Create plan button

  • Now, create a plan title, price, SEO description and click save and next

  • Upload an image and click on the save and finish button

  • This creates the subscription plan

    Step 3: Add Products To The Subscription Plan

  • Click on the subscription plan

  • Click on the Add products button to add products to your subscription

  • You can create multiple tiers within your subscription. To create subscription tiers click on Tiers on the left panel and click on add tiers button.

Step 4. Set the Subscription Validity And Pricing

  • To do that, click on the settings tab

  • Here you can set the validity and pricing details of your subscription. To create a recurring subscription every year, set the validity to 365 days.

  • Alternatively, to create a recurring monthly subscription, set the validity to 30 days

Step 5. Publish The Subscriptions

  • Once you have edited the details, click on the Publish Status button, select the LIVE option, and click on Next to Publish your subscription.

Step 6. How Students Will View Subscriptions

  • After publishing the subscription, let us login to the academy as a student and click on a segment

  • Now, click any course and click on the Go Premium button.

  • On the next screen, you will find the subscription and the tiers.


Use subscriptions to sell online courses more easily and profitably. Subscriptions work well for test prep institutes and for institutes that keep adding content for a particular stream of study.

You can also create subscription plans within each segment. Check this article to add subscription plans within a segment.

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