When uploading a course on your academy, you can set it as Unlisted.

This means, only those who know the link to your course can view it. You can share this link with your students, or with prospective students to enrol.

Let us see how to create and share an Unlisted course in your academy.

Create an Unlisted Course

  • First, go to your admin dashboard and select a course.

  • Now, click on the course settings and select the pricing option. Here, you can choose make this course unlisted checkbox and click save.

  • As an optional step, it is good to enable the enrol on sign-up option. This way students will be able to enrol to your course after they accessing your link.

  • You can now share the URL of this unlisted course with your students via email like this:

  • Or embed your course URL within your newsfeeds like this.

How Students Can View Your URL

  • When students click on the URL, they will be taken to this course sales page.

  • Students can click on the buy now button to purchase the course and access the lessons.

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