Want to translate your entire web/mobile app's display texts from English to a native/preferred language? Not a problem!

You can do this with the language editor feature in Learnyst.

In this article, I will show you access & use the language editor.

In this article:

How To Access The Language Editor

  • To access the language editor, select Language from your admin panel > Apps tab.

  • Click on the add language button to start adding your language

Here, you will find 2 types of language options to pick from.

  • Supported languages - These are languages' Learnyst will translate automatically for you.

**Right now, we support only English.

  • Other languages - You can pick a language e.g: "Hindi" from the search bar and can manually translate the display text contents.

How To Translate Language Phrases

  • Select the import option to import texts fast.

  • Click on the download template option.

  • Open the excel template & within the custom translation column E, enter the Google translate formula. To translate from English to Hindi, this is the formula.

    =GoogleTranslate( D1, "en", "hi")

  • After this, simply drag the equation down the entire column to translate your language fast.

  • You can translate any language by adding the correct source & target codes within " ". Here is the list of language codes that google supports.

  • Once done, click Import to upload the changes back.

  • After making changes, click Publish to make the changes live.

  • You can also click on "Mark as preferred" if you would like to make this language as the default language for your learning apps display text contents.

How Students Will View The Translated Display Text

  • After publishing your website, students will see your website in the new language like the one below.

Things To Know

Admin Side

  • As an admin, you can add and publish up to 5 languages at a time. This feature is available only in the premium plan.

  • Every time you make a change to any display label, remember to publish/re-publish your changes.

Learner Side

  • Your learner will see the default translated language only when it is both published and Marked as Preferred from the admin side.

  • Learners can click on their accounts> Preferences> Change your preferred language option.

  • Learners can also switch between multiple languages you have added.

  • Lastly, we will add new languages in the supported language section so that you can translate languages easily and faster.

    Hope this helped you to translate content into your native language. Check out our other collections here.

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