• Currently subscription feature works only on web.

  • Subscription feature for android and iOS app is in beta. So, if you have a web+ mobile app enabled, you may not be able to see the subscriptions.

    • To get subscriptions for your mobile apps, please contact our sales team.

  • Subscription feature in segment is also in beta.

You are using a one time purchase model to sell courses. And, you want to switch to subscriptions.

Or maybe, you may want to switch from subscriptions to a one time purchase model.

  • What happens to new or existing students when you switch?

  • How can they access their previously purchased courses?

In this article, let us answer your questions with these scenarios.

Switch From One Time Purchase to Subscriptions

Scenario 1: New student visits your course site

  • Students will view the entire library of courses and can select any course

  • Student will have to click on the Go-Premium button to view paid contents

  • When clicked on Go-Premium, students can view the subscription pack and select an appropriate pack by clicking the subscribe button.

Scenario 2: Existing Student visits your website

  • Students may have purchased courses as a one time purchase from your academy (as shown below).

  • These students can now sign-in to the academy and view their purchased courses in the My enrollments section.

  • A student can click on any course available within the subscription

  • This leads them to a relevant subscription plan containing this course

  • Next, student can purchase the subscriptions

Switch From Subscriptions to One Time Purchase

Scenario 1: New Student Visits Your Course Site

  • Student will view all the courses in the academy. They can click on a course to buy.

  • They can click on the buy button to purchase this course

    Scenario 2: Existing Student Visits Your Course Site

  • Students may have purchased your courses as a subscription as shown below.

  • When you switch back to a one time payment model, student will view the old purchases link

  • Here the student can view the subscription and can access all the courses/tests.

Things To Know

  • To create a subscription, check the how to create a subscription document

  • If you are switching to subscriptions from the default one time purchase model, do read the implications guide first. This will answer most of your questions on subscriptions.

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