Previously, you needed to activate and configure Zoom add-ons in order to run Zoom Live classes on Learnyst.

But now, Zoom is integrated directly into Learnyst. So, you can conduct Zoom LIVE classes without any additional configuration or Zoom license.

Therefore, we are no longer supporting Zoom add-ons.

But don't worry, if you have already configured Zoom add-ons, you can still run Live classes. But in the future, we will be supporting the Learnyst Live Add-ons.

To help you migrate to the new Learnyst LIVE class contact

If you are a new user, you can ignore this article. You can instead refer to

How to Conduct Zoom LIVE Classes From Your Academy

You can now securely conduct Zoom classes from your Learnyst account.

What’s more?

  • Only the students enrolled in your courses will have access to your LIVE classes.

  • They won’t be able to share the Zoom class link with their friends.

  • The best part is, that students can access your Zoom live classes from your branded website and mobile apps without the Zoom app.

In this article, let’s see how to run ZOOM classes securely from your academy. You can watch the full video, here or read the steps

In this article, we will cover:

Select Zoom Integration from Add ons

  • First, go to your ADD-ONS on the admin panel.

  • Click on Zoom

  • Click on Activate. Doing this activates zoom. Next, we need to build the Zoom API keys and paste them here.

Create your Zoom integration API keys

  • Here, you can build the Zoom API keys for both web & mobile apps.

    To build the Zoom API for the web app, go to JWT and click create.

  • Now, enter the details of the app, and click continue, to get the API keys.

  • You will now see the API Key and API Secret key. You can paste this key within your Zoom Addons in Learnyst.

  • Next, within this Feature, enable Event Subscriptions. By doing this step, you will be able to auto-upload your recorded LIVE sessions as a lesson in Learnyst.

  • Click on the +Add Event Subscription button. Here, create an event name. For e.g: y2k-kid academy Live class.

  • Now, within the event notification URL, paste this URL link:, and now click on Add Events.

  • Within Add events, select Recording & select the All Recordings have completed option and click Done.

  • You can now Save the event and click continue.

  • With this, you have configured the Zoom to autoload recorded classes in your academy. Let's now copy & paste the Zoom API key in Learnyst.

Note: Auto upload works only if you have a paid Zoom account. If you have a free Zoom account, you can manually upload your recording in Learnyst.

Copy & paste the Zoom API key in Learnyst

  • To paste the API keys, click on Zoom within Addons and paste the API key and password within the JWT tab.

Note: Do this if you have a mobile app on your Learnyst account (Android or iOS)

  • If you have a mobile app and want to enable Zoom integration in mobile, you need to build an SDK app from the Zoom marketplace.

  • Here, you will get a create SDK App Screen. Enter your app name.

    Note: Enable the checkbox only if you want to publish your app on the Zoom app marketplace. Its optional.

  • Next, fill in the App name, short and long description

  • Now, scroll down and enter your email address and click on continue.

  • Next, you can go to the downloads section and click continue

  • Next, go to app credentials and copy the SDK key and secret. Next, you can skip the scopes and SDK Activation.

  • Now, go to addons within your Learnyst admin dashboard and paste the SDK key and secret within the ZOOM SDK tab as shown.

  • Now, click on save to make the changes go LIVE.

Start a LIVE class from the Admin Side

  • To start a LIVE class, open a course, and click the LIVE class option.

  • Enter the lesson name and within the LIVE source, select the Zoom meeting option or Zoom webinar option.

  • Now, enter the start time & end time of the live class and enable the auto-upload of recordings option. This will automatically upload your recorded class as a lesson.

  • As soon as you click Save, a zoom session will be created in your Zoom admin panel.


  • Any Live sessions you create through Learnyst will get updated in your Zoom panel.

  • However, the sessions you create in Zoom will not reflect in Learnyst.

  • Now to start the live class, click the open LIVE class.

  • The Zoom panel will open up for the admin. As an admin, you will now be able to start your live classes through Zoom by clicking the launch meeting button.

How to Add Multiple Hosts To Manage LIVE Classes

You can add multiple hosts to manage your LIVE classes. Here is how.

  • First, you need to buy the Zoom license for your individual hosts. You can go to, and under Users to purchase the licenses.

  • Now, click on Add Users in your Zoom account, enter the host email id, select the licensed option and click add to add the users.

Note: If you want the host to run LIVE classes, select the licensed option.

  • An email invite will be sent to the host. After accepting it, the host will be added to your Zoom account.

  • Now, go to LIVE lesson in your course builder in Learnyst, and click on the alternate host's option. You can select any hosts you have added in Zoom to run the LIVE class.

Student Side Of Live Classes

  • Students can login to the course and join the LIVE class.

  • The live class will open up for the students on your own website and mobile app.

    • Note that students will not able to get the zoom link or meeting details. This means, they won't be able to share it with others.

  • Students will be able to use the chat, use the mic and also show their video. Basically, they will be able to use all the zoom features from your academy.


So, this was an easy way to teach online using the Zoom integration feature.

Use this feature to take LIVE classes securely.

If you need tips to make your LIVE classes more interactive, check out this youtube playlist on how to create interactive LIVE classes using slides.

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