How to Access Your Learners Tab

To access Learners, log in to your Learnsyt account > Go to Admin Dashboard > Click on Users>Learners

Using Learners

When you inside your learner's section, on the left-hand panel of the screen you will see different sections of Learners namely

  • All Learners

  • Imports

All Learners

On this screen, you can see all the details of your learners.

It shows a comprehensive list of all your learners with their contact details, Last login date, Total Orders, Total Spent.

  • You can click on the filter's option and filter out data that you want to see

For e.g: To view students in a particular course like Computer Fundamentals, you can give select the course field from the filter and click apply.

This displays details of students matching that condition.


  • If you want to add learners one by one, you can click on the Create new Learner button on top.

This works well only if you have few learners and you have time to manually enter the data of each learner.

  • Alternatively, you can also bulk import your existing learners to your school. do that, either click on import on top or Import on the left side.

To import learners in bulk, click the import button, download the templates, add learner details & then finally click on the import button

Once you import the new learner will be updated in the list as shown

Hope this support article showed you how to access the learners and import learners in bulk.

Go ahead and add more learners to your course.

To know more on how to manage your learners, refer to the comprehensive master guide on managing your learners

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