• How Secure Are My Contents In Learnyst?

  • What is course dripping ?

Course dripping or Content dripping is the gradual, pre-scheduled release of lessons in a course.

  • What is Single Sign On ?

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is nothing but APIs that will help you achieve seamless integration with your existing system. For example, if your learners/students are having existing login then you can automatically make them login to your learning module hosted on Learnyst through API calls. Your learners need not login separately to access your courses hosted on Learnyst.

  • What are bundles ?

How is it different from courses and quizzes ?Bundles are like combo course. You can add multiple courses and tests into bundle and sell them as one course (bundle). You can set independent price and sell them as independent course package.

  • Regarding the user login, if a learner registers to a course from our web platform, can they login to our mobile app with the credentials they created from the web platform and vice versa ?

Yes you are right. Learners can access your web and mobile apps seamlessly with same username and password.

  • What will be the pros and cons of uploading videos to Learnyst server versus YouTube / Vimeo ?

We will ensure content security of your videos if it is uploaded in Learnyst server. If it is embedded from Youtube or Vimeo we will not be able to assure you content security as your content will be streamed from third party server. We recommend loading your free content on YouTube and paid content on Learnyst. Content streamed from YouTube / Vimeo will not be considered as bandwidth used on Learnyst.

  • What security features does Learnyst offer ?

We provide 3 levels of security to protect your course content from piracy. i. Username and password verification by application server ii. Timed signed URL for accessing content iii. Streaming encrypted course content to learners so that actual course content cannot be downloaded even with hack method.

  • What will be the effect on bandwidth mentioned in your plan if I am hosting with YouTube. What factors are considered for bandwidth calculation ?

If videos are hosted in Youtube or Vimeo your bandwidth on Learnyst will not be considered. Other factors that are considered for bandwidth are other course content like PDFs, PPTs, HTML lessons, assessments, webpage loading and other data that are rendered to your learners from Learnyst.

  • Is there any facility to track the bandwidth usage from the admin panel ?

Yes, you can anytime track your bandwidth consumption from your billing page. Please find the screenshot attached.

  • If assuming a 10000 users in first month what will be a approximate bandwidth we should expect ?

Bandwidth consumption is dependent on your course size (average course consumption per learner) and monthly active users. Considering average course consumption of 100MB per active learner and 50% of learners to be active in a given month. For total learner base of 10,000 you can expect bandwidth usage to be 100MB X 5000 active learners = 500GB bandwidth. Hope this calculation is clear. Note: Based on our data stats we have seen maximum of about 50% of learners active in a given month.

  • What is the maximum number of learners enrolled within a single client of yours and how much bandwidth they are using ?

Maximum number of learners per account we have seen is 22,000 learners. They are in our enterprise plan (customized plans which are priced above plus plan).

  • Please let me know about the your server configurations. is it shared or dedicated ?

We are hosted on Amazon with auto scaling and load balancer servers. We run Application Server and database in different machines. The Application server is typical EC2 Large Instance which scales depending on load and database is Amazon RDS machine. All media files are kept in private Amazon S3 server which can be accessed from Cloudfront CDN with signed URL (secured url). The Amazon instance is shared among all our users. We use technologies like CDNs, Transcoder for better video streaming, Adaptive streaming, daily data backups etc.

  • Regarding the learner details and related website data, will there be a clause in our agreement that we will be the sole owner of these properties ?

Yes. We provide this clause in our agreement.

  • What is the difference between faculty and teacher ?

Faculties are sub-admins, they can manage courses & learners as sub-admins. Teachers are just placeholders in course page. You can add details about teachers who have prepared or contributed for a course.

  • How many pages can I create using Learnyst website builder ?

In an attempt to keep the website builder simple and easy for people who have minimum knowledge of website design, we have Customized the web builder with Single Page Creation Option. In this Single Page you can add multiple sections like About Us, Courses, testimonials and Contact details. If you want more web pages for your website then using wordpress or wix will be better. Please check 2iim.com where learn.2iim.com is offered by learnyst and other pages are developed by 2iim. Overall, learnyst offers you following pages that can be accessed by learners prior login i. Landing Page ii. Course Pages. One page each for every published course / test / bundle. iii .Terms & Privacy Page.

  • Does Learnyst support SCORM & TINCAN ?

Currently, SCORM Content works in Learnyst without any issues. You can check example course contents loaded on http://teachonline.learnyst.com/ Following are the limitations i. The SCORM content will be loaded as zip package. We cannot alter the SCORM player or capture any user stats. But the lesson completion stats of Learnyst can be used. ii. We cannot encrypt videos with in SCORM as the video player is provided by SCORM Authoring tool. Tincan Roadmap We are planning to develop TINCAN Player which can understand TINCAN Format and also play encrypted videos & pdfs. We are in planning phase. We will add TINCAN Spec iteratively to Learnyst Platform. Expected release date for implementing TINCAN player is Aug 2017.

  • What kind of data protection and privacy policy does Learnyst offer ?

All course data and user data belongs to you. Learnyst has no rights over your course content and user data.

  • How can I get data dump of my courses and learner details ?

Upon your request, we will provide you complete data dump of your course (videos included) and learner information. Please note that data dump will be provided only for subscribed and active accounts.

  • Will my courses content and learner data created during trial period be intact if upgraded to paid plan?

Yes, all your course content and mock test content uploaded during trial period will be intact. You can also invite and sell courses during your trial period. Your content and entire account will be linked to your branded domain without any data loss when you upgrade to paid plan.

  • Can I upgrade anytime? 

What will happen to my data ?You can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime. All your course data and learner data will be intact when you upgrade your account. Please note that you might experience data loss if you choose to downgrade your account. This data loss depends on features that you loose with downgrade. Any changes to subscription plan will be effective from your next billing cycle.

  • How can I link Learnyst account to my own domain / website ?

You can link your learnyst account to your branded website by configuring your DNS records on your domain service provider’s dashboard. We will assist you and provide necessary details for updating your DNS records when you upgrade to Learnyst paid plan.

  • What's the difference between Learnyst & teachable? What are some of the distinguishing features of Learnyst ?

Learnyst offers following distinctive features i. Branded learning apps on Android and iOS ii. Content security. All your course content are DRM encrypted and streamed making your content highly secure iii. Quiz engine to conduct mock tests and assessments. You can sell quizzes similar to courses iv. Adaptive streaming for better video experience v. Payment gateway integration so that you can get course payment directly to your account. No transaction fee will be charged by Learnyst vi. Fixed and transparent pricing that provides you at least 10X returns.

  • What payment system learnyst support ?

Learnyst supports many popular International and Indian payment gateways. Here is the list of popular payment gateways that Learnyst supports. International payment gateways i. Stripe ii. Paypal Indian Payment gateways i. Razorpay ii. CCAvenue iii. Instamojo iv. Citrus v. EBS

  • Do you provide custom features?

To help our customers get the feature they require and at the same time to preserve Learnyst (company) interest, we follow following framework in providing customized features for our customers. MANDATORY - Must have features. We don’t charge anything IMPORTANT - Features implemented in near Future. We charge 25% of estimated cost OPTIONAL - Optional features or good to have features but not required. We will charge 60% of estimated cost CUSTOM - Customer specific feature and cannot be reused. We will charge one time customization fee and fixed monthly charges required for maintaining custom feature. We provide such customer specific customizations as part of enterprise plan (above Plus plan).

  • Can I host my courses and sell them from my branded website / domain name ? If so, how can I get my courses enabled to my domain ?

  • Learnyst offers branded learning apps on web and mobile. On web you can link your learning portal on your branded website/domain through DNS setting (refer FAQ #20 How can I link Learnyst account to my own domain/website). If you subscribe for mobile apps, we provide branded Android and iOS apps in your preferred brand name. You can get more details about branded mobile learning apps at http://learnyst.com/teaching-apps

  • Does Learnyst offer any marketing assistance or service ?

We are technology company first. At present we are focusing all our efforts to provide you world class learning apps that you can scale. We offer marketing tools like email, SMS, Push messaging services with analytics. With Learnyst offered marketing tools you can communicate better with your learners and analyze your marketing campaigns. We are working on course and learner insights. Course insight helps you analyze which course of yours is working good. With learner insight you can get detailed reports on how your learners are performing within the course. Our constant endeavour has been to make our customers reach more learners and grow their business. With this spirit we keep shipping new marketing features like SEO optimized webpages, deep linking, social banners etc. We also keep sharing some of the best online marketing practices that we keep discovering. You can find such marketing articles at our blog site http://blog.learnyst.com/

  • What features does learnyst offer for hosting test series and conducting online mock tests for competitive exams ?

Learnyst offers robust test (assessment) engine. You can conduct mock tests with thousands of concurrent learners. Here are some of the key features specifically built for conducting mock tests.
i. Test interface similar to actual competitive exam.
ii. Timed tests. You can set time duration at section level or at test level.
iii. Test scheduling. Learners can take test only during scheduled window time.
iv. Auto save feature. Helps your learners to take test in sessions.
v. Test result grading. Helps you provide customized messages to learners based on their final score.
vi. Leader board
vii. Answer review after test submit
viii. Percentile score ix. Section and topic wise analytics after learner submits tests
x. Support for various question types like Multiple choice questions (MCQs), Numerical type and descriptive questions You can check these sites of our customers who are selling only test series for competitive exams. http://onlinecourses.danikgyan.com/http://courses.scoreupnow.com/http://www.tgj.co.in/ http://www.ssctube.in/

  • Can I launch courses on Learnyst ? Is it mandatory to own a website ?

It is not mandatory for you to have a website. You can use learnyst sub-domain as your site till you get your own branded domain. You can host courses and sell them from your learnyst sub-domain site. You can move to your own branded website anytime.

  • Can admin email id be changed at a later stage once the school is online ?

Yes, it can be changed. You can submit support ticket (http://support.learnyst.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) or just inform us through our chat interface.

  • Does learnyst offer live video tutoring or interactive whiteboard ?

Currently, Learnyst does not offer live video tutoring or interactive whiteboards. However, many of our customers are using third party live conferencing tools like webex and share live classroom /meeting link within lesson content. This can be easily done with HTML lessons. Using HTML lessons you can share external links or even embed HTML codes thereby allowing you to provide live tutoring details within your course content.

  • Is your monthly charges pre-paid or post paid ?

Monthly subscription charges are pre-paid for a month. It starts from the day you subscribe on Learnyst till next month same date.

  • Where does Learnyst store my data ?

We store your data in Amazon S3 cloud storage centers across the Singapore. We serve images and other static assets via multiple geographically distributed content delivery networks (CDNs). This system ensures that the data in each page view is served from the data center closest to the learner’s location.

All Learnyst sites are hosted across Amazon S3 cloud with full redundancy. If a primary service fails, we can switch to a backup service.

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