At Learnyst, you only get billed for what you use, so you don’t pay for the anything extra. No hidden or extra charges. So, Fair’s fair.

How will you be charged if you exceed the limit?

You will pay the lowest price according to your usage/plan.

  • Let's say you purchased an anti-piracy pack addon for 1000 learners @ Rs 2500 ( 1 learner= Rs 2.5)

    Now, Assume you had 1500 learners.

    Here, we won't charge you the next higher addon plan priced at Rs 8000.

    We will charge you the lower price of Rs 3,750 ( 1500*2.5) based on the price of individual learners.

  • Now, assume you had 4000 learners instead.

    Here, we won't charge you based on the individual learners, as the cost comes to Rs 10,000 ( 4000*2.5).

    So, instead we will charge you based on the higher add-on plan, pirced at Rs 8000.

In essence, we will charge you a lower price for your addon.

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