The Learnyst pricing plan has changed. This new pricing is geared to help you grow fast with more features coming at an affordable market price.

Here are a few things, that hasn't changed.

  • You can sell unlimited courses, mock-tests, test series & add unlimited learners

  • 0% Transaction fee. You get 100% course sales credited to your bank account.

Here are a few things that has changed.

Old vs New (Test & course plans are merged)

  • Previously, you had 2 seperate plans - Course plan (lite, essential, professional, premium) and Mock-test plan (lite, standard).

  • Now, we have merged the course & mock-test plans together. There will only be 3 plans ( essential, professional, premium). Your mock-tests are distributed within these 3 plans.

Old vs New ( Mobile App Pricing Slashed)

  • Previously, there were different prices for mobile apps. Now, the price has been slashed.




Android /iOS app (Old Price/month)

INR 6,999 per app

INR 11,999 per app

INR 14,999 per app

Android /iOS app (New Price/month)

INR 4,999 per app

INR 4,999 per app

INR 4,999 per app

Old vs New ( Marketing Features Enhanced)

  • In the old plan, Community, Newsfeed were available only in the professional or premium plans.

  • With the new pricing plan, features like Community, Newsfeed are available in the beginner plans.

This will help you create an engaging student community and grow your online teaching brand.

To get a detailed comparison on the old vs new plan, visit the learnyst pricing comparison page and see the key differences.

If you have any further questions, do chat with our sales team.

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