Note: Zoom is now integrated with Learnyst. So, you can run Zoom LIVE classes in Learnyst without buying a Zoom License.

On Learnyst, you can conduct LIVE meetings or Webinars.

In this article, let's see how to conduct LIVE meetings from your admin dashboard. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Activate the Learnyst Live Class Add-On

  • First, click on the Addons within your admin dashboard, and select the LIVE class add-on

  • Click on Subscribe and activate your LIVE class for free.

Note: Currently, you can purchase or activate add-ons only if you are in any of our paid plans.

If you are in the free plan and want to activate the Learnyst LIVE add-on please email or chat with the sales team.

Step 2: Create and Publish a Live Lesson

  • Within the contents section, select courses and click the Create Course button and create a course

  • Now, within the Course builder, create a section and select the LIVE class lesson

  • Here, you can select either Meeting, Webinars, or Embed other LIVE class apps

  • Learnyst Meeting: Ideal for hosting more interactive sessions where you’ll want student participation or break your session into smaller groups.

  • Learnyst Webinars: Ideal for large student groups. Typically, webinar attendees do not interact with one another.

  • Embed Live class: By default, Zoom is integrated into Learnyst. But you can also embed other favorite live class platforms in your academy.

  • Give a proper lesson name, start time, and duration, and click on Save.

  • Next, go back to your course builder and click on the Publish status button to make your course LIVE.

Step 3: Start Your LIVE Class

  • Go to the LIVE lesson you created, & click on Open Live Class to start the live class

  • This launches the Zoom app. You can click on the Open option or click on the Launch Meeting button.

  • This is what the Learnyst meeting will look like from the admin side.

Learnyst Meeting - Learner Side

Now, that you have published your courses and started your live meeting, let's see how Learners can join your class.

  • Learners can go to your academy-URL/learn and log in with their email id and password.

  • From the learner dashboard, they can see the upcoming live classes

  • Next, they can click on the live class and join the live class from the lesson builder

  • The learner can attend the live class, ask questions via chat and avail of all the Zoom meeting features. This is how the student side will look.


  • Students can access LIVE classes without the Zoom app.

  • Only enrolled students can access your LIVE class. Your Zoom LIVE Class link will be secured and can't be shared with students who haven't enrolled in your course.

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