Learners can now become affiliates and share your courses with their friends. In return, they can earn affiliate commissions as well.

In this support article, let's see how to use affiliate marketing to promote your courses.

Here's what we will cover:

#1. Enable Affiliate Marketing In Your Academy

  • Within your admin dashboard, under Marketing, select Affiliates, and click on the Settings button.

Note: Affiliate marketing is available only on the premium plan. Upgrade to the premium plan to avail this feature.

  • Click on the enable Enable button to Activate affiliate marketing on your academy.

Note: Currently, you can pay out the commissions offline. In the future, learners will be able to get commissions instantly in their bank account when the purchase happens through their affiliate links.

  • Let's go back to your affiliate dashboard. Here, you can view the total affiliates in your academy, and the affiliate sales generated. You can also add affiliates and specific products that you want to market.

#2. Add Affiliates Within Your Academy

Next, let's start by adding a new affiliate to your academy.

  • To add a new affiliate, click on the create new affiliate button.

Note: As of now, you can't add your existing students as affiliates.

  • Here, you can add the Affiliate details and click on Save.

Note: If the mobile number of the affiliate is 7449082231, enter it as 917449082231

  • After entering the Affiliate details, you will be prompted to enter the affiliate bank account details. You can click on Yes. I'll add now add the details.

  • Next, you can add your affiliate's bank details. Kindly verify the details before adding.

  • Now, your affiliate has been added successfully.

  • Next, let's see how to add products you want to promote using affiliate marketing.

#3. Create Affiliate Links For Your Product

  • Click on products

  • Click on Add Products

  • Here, you can select a single product or multiple products you want to promote. Now, click on Save.

  • Your product is now added successfully.

  • To enable the affiliate commissions for your product, click on the three dots and select the Edit Affiliate Discount option.

  • Here, click on the Enable button to create an affiliate link for this product.

  • When you are marketing your products using affiliates, you need to set the Affiliate discounts and Affiliate commissions.

Affiliate discount: The discount new learners get when they buy using the affiliate link.

You can set this value as a percentage or as a fixed value. (For example 25% discount)

Affiliate commission: This is the commission amount, the affiliates get when a sale happens using the affiliate link. Again, you can set this value as a percentage or fixed value. (For example, 25% commission)

  • Note that, as of now, the affiliate link doesn't have a fixed expiry date. In the future, we will help you create links with fixed expiry dates.

  • After setting your affiliate commissions and discounts, you can save the changes.

  • Now, you have a product ready to be promoted using affiliate marketing.

#4. How Affiliates Can Share The Link with Other Learners

  • Next, let us see how students can become affiliates in your academy and promote your courses. To do that, Let me log in to the academy as an affiliate. Here, I can click on the invite & earn option.

  • Here, the student can click on the affiliate dashboard option. Here the learner can view the total commissions earned, commissions received, and due to be received.

Note: As this learner was already added from the admin side, the learner can view the dashboard.

  • When New learners click on the affiliate dashboard option, they will have to first join as affiliates and add their name, email, and bank account details.

  • Next, the learner can click on the product links option.

  • From here, the learner can click on Generate and create the affiliate link.

  • Now the learner can copy this URL and share it with their friends.

#5. How to View and Payout Affiliate Commissions

  • New learners can purchase using the affiliate link. They will also get the affiliate discounts as shown.

  • Once the new learner has completed the course purchase, the affiliate will be able to see their commissions displayed on their dashboard. They will also be able to see the details like who purchased the course and whether the commission is due or paid.

  • In the same way, the admin can see the total sales made through affiliate marketing on their dashboard.

  • Next, the admin can click on the Payout history, to get the details of the amount to be paid to the affiliates.

  • The admin can then make a bank transfer or UPI payment to the affiliate. After the payments are done, the admin can come back to the Payout history, click on the three dots and mark the affiliate as paid.

So, this was a quick overview of how to use affiliate marketing to promote your courses.

To explore the other marketing features within Learnyst, you can read the marketing features collection in Learnyst.

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