A test report is the most important aspect of any mock test. Because without the test report the learner will not be able to know where they stand in the mock test, based on their performance.
So we at Learnyst has developed the test report that will give your learners the detailed insight they need and deserve from any test prep schools.

  • Grading: Once you enable the grading feature from your quiz settings, the grading message will come on the top part of the test report. To know how to enable grading, click here.
  • Percentile: This will show the percentile score of your learner based on either static percentile (Uploaded by you) or dynamic percentile (based on scores of other learners). Click here to upload your static percentile.
  • Score Report: This will provide the learners the detailed insight on his/her score.  Under this tab, the total score of the learner, number of attempted questions, time taken per question, accuracy, and over all answering speed will be listed.
  • Topic Analysis: This tab provides your learner their question by question performance. The green marks represent all the question answered correctly, and red represents the questions those are answered wrong.
  • View More: This button will lead the user to another page where your learners can see a detailed question by question analysis of their performance.
  • Leaderboard: A healthy competition makes a great motivational tool. So does the leaderboard. The leaderboard shows their ranking based on all the learners in that particular test.

Advanced Test Report

  • Comparison Chart: The comparison chart allows your learners to compare their result with the toppers result. The black line inside each bar is the performance of the learner, while the red mark shows the toppers performance. The yellow bar indicates the average performance by all the learners.
  • Time Heat Chart: Time heat chart indicates the time taken by the learners to answer the questions. The smaller the box the shorter time a learner has taken and larger the box, the more time the learner has taken. And color codes are as follows,
               Red: Wrong Answer
               Green: Right Answer
               Gray: Skipped Answer

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