Enable Refer & Earn Option & Increase your sales

Your students are your biggest marketing asset for your online academy. So, why not use them to increase your course reach?

The new feature: refer and earn will now motivate & reward your students for referring their peers to your course. Let's find out more about this feature.

Enable Referral Code

  • In your admin dashboard,> click on marketing> Referral code

  • Click on Enable. This will make the invite and earn option in your website

  • Setup Signup Credits: This is the reward credits your student will get when their friend signs up

  • When a student refers a friend, both he and his friend will get rewarded. You can completely customize this to suit your business needs.

  • Purchase Credit: If a student's referral makes a 1st-time purchase, these are the reward points he/she will get.

Note: If the same friend purchases another course, no rewards will be given to your students.

You can completely customize this to suit your needs.

  • Max Referrals: Set the max number of referrals that can be made by your student.

  • In this example, a student can refer at the most 10 students. Beyond which he will not receive any credits.

  • Again, You can completely customize it to suit your needs. Once done, click on save changes.

Enable Wallet Settings

  • Now go to the wallet settings on the top of the page

  • Click enable wallet

  • Set the exchange value between credits and rupees. By default 1 credit = 1rs. You can change it here.

  • Max Credit: Set the maximum credit your student can keep in their account. For eg: I have set my maximum limit is 10000 credits. Use any value here

  • Max Credit per order: Your learner may have 10000 credits in his account. Suppose, he wants to buy your course, you can restrict him to use only 1000 credits per purchase.

  • Once you make these changes, go to your admin dashboard and click view as a learner.

  • The new Invite & Earn feature will now be visible to your learners.

  • So, now go ahead and invite more learners to your course. Let the learners spread your course reach through the refer and earn program.

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