How To Add Pricing Details of The Mock Test

To start selling your mock test online you have to first set up the pricing and all the related details. Right? So to help you do that we have added a bunch of pricing related features that you can edit in the mock test settings.

  • Go to your mock test settings from the quiz builder

  • Click on the pricing tab in the settings page

  1. Quiz Publicity: Quiz publicity helps you in keeping the mock test as private (where only invited learners can take the test) or public (where anyone who signs up on your platform can take the mock test)

  2. Sell Independently: This feature allows you to either sell your mock test through bundle only or to make it available outside bundle as well

  3. Quiz Pricing: Here you ca decide whether to make the mock test free or paid. If you choose to make it paid, you can also set the price here and provide discount amount

  1. Validity: You can decide the duration for which the mock test will be valid once a learner purchases the mock test. Alternatively, you can also set a fix expiry date irrespective of the date when the learner purchases the mock test.

  2. Coupon code: Coupon code is a proven way to market your courses. So we have given you the option to provide a coupon code and a discounted rate which you have the sole right to decide.

  • Once you make the necessary changes, click on Save to save the data.

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