How To Add Questions In Tests From Question Pool

Apart from adding the questions in the old way (i.e manual & import) you can add your questions to mock tests, directly from the question pool.

(Read below to know how you can do so or watch the video from 2:37s-4:36s)

  • First, let us go to your admin dashboard and click on mock-tests.

  • Select a mock-test that wherein you want to add the questions.

  • Click on "Import from Pool" in your quiz builder

  • Next, select the section in the mock test, where you want to import the questions

  • Next, select the specific question pool from where you want to import the questions

  • Now select the question and click on Import Question

  • And your question from the pool will be added to the mock test


Hope this article helped you to create a mock test using question pools.

Do check the articles on how to create a question pool to know how to use the question pool.

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