How To Configure Instamojo Payment Gateway

Step 1 :
Signup and log in to with your account user/password. Go to your account dashboard.

Step 2 : Click on API & PLUG INS button on the left panel of the dashboard page.

Step 3 : Copy the API Key and the Auth_Token from the page.

Step 4 : Now login into and in go to Admin Dashboard > Settings.

Step 5 : Go to Payments Gateway tab in settings page and select Instamojo as your preferred payment gateway.

Step 6 : Click on Select Payment Gateway to change your preferred payment gateway.

Step 7: Scroll down to find Instamojo icon. Click on Connect.

Step 8: Enter the App Key and Auth Token. And hit Save to save the changes..

Your payment gateway is set to Instamojo successfully for your school.

Note #1
Never send payment links for your courses to your students directly from your Instamojo account. This will require you to manually add the learner to the paid user list. So kindly request your students to directly purchase the courses from your school website.

Note #2
We try to keep the content updated all the time, but Instamojo or any third party providers will be updating the flows very frequently for various reasons. So, if there are any changes to actual flow of Instamojo registration process and you require help, we recommend you to contact Instamojo support team. 

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