How To Configure Razorpay Payment Gateway

Create An Account In RazorPay

Go to and click on Sign Up at the top-right corner.

On the following page, enter the required details and click Sign Up. 

Upon signing up, you will receive an activation link to your email address. Click on this link and log in to Razorpay. 

Open the Activation tab at the bottom-left.

In the following screen, enter the details, upload the documents required, and submit the form.

Once submitted, it will take 3-4 business days for verification.

Razorpay team will keep you posted on the status of your activation through email.

Once your account is approved, log in to Razorpay and switch your account from Test to Live Mode using the button at the top-right corner.

Generate The Secret Keys For Your Payment Gateway

When you’re in Live mode, open Settings and click on the API Keys tab.

Click on (Re-)Generate Live Key, your API key and Key ID (Key Secret) will be displayed on a popup.

Save both API key &  Key Secret information for the final set up on your Learnyst Admin panel. (If you have lost your Secret Key, click on Re-generate Live Key)

Generate WebHooks For Your Payment Gateways

In the left panel menu, click on the settings and click on the "Webhooks".

Add the Webhooks event by clicking on "Setup your Live Webhooks", please add the below-provided link.

In the field "Secret", please enter the secret key( It is up to your choice of keeping the secret key).

Keep a note of the secret key which you have added, it is required to update the same in your Learnyst account.

Under the "Active Events" options select the "order. paid", "payment.authorized" checkbox and save the event.

Adding RazorPay Gateway In Your Learnyst Dashboard

Now log in to your Learnyst account and click on settings.

Go to the payment gateway in the settings.

Click on the Select Payment Gateway

Razorpay is set as the default payment gateway. To change Razorpay as your preferred payment gateway, click on Select Payment Gateway.

Update API key and the Webhooks key in the dashboard.

Save the changes and exit.


We try to keep the content updated all the time, but Razorpay or any third party providers will be updating the flows very frequently for various reasons.

So, if there are any changes to the actual flow of the Razorpay registration process and you require help, we recommend you to contact the Razorpay support team.

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