How To Create Groups in Reports

In our reports section of the website, you can create and save groups for easy access in the future. You can also download the saved groups to use them in different marketing strategies. So here's how you can do it,

  • Go to your reports section of the website

  • Use the filters that you think is fit to get you the required data,

  • Once the filters are applied, click on "Create Group"

  • In the pop up, set a name for the specific group and save it.

  • The group will appear in the Group section of your Reports centre

  • If you want to export the group data, simply click on the three vertical dots next to the group name. And then click on export

  • Once you request for request, an email will be sent to you for downloading the file. Alternatively you can download the file from Export Center, as shown in the image below

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