How To Create Subscriptions In Your Academy

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  • Currently subscription feature works only on web.

  • Subscription feature for android and iOS app is in beta. So, if you have a web+ mobile app enabled, you may not be able to see the subscriptions.

    • To get subscriptions for your mobile apps, please contact our sales team.

  • Subscription feature in segment is also in beta.

You can now sell your courses using a subscription model.

Students can now make recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis.

In this article, let us get started with creating your subscription on Learnyst.

Step 1: Create A Subscription Plan

  • Go to products and select the subscription option

  • Click on the Create plan button

  • Now, create a plan title, price, SEO description and click save and next

  • Upload an image and click on the save and finish button

  • This creates the subscription plan

    Step 2: Add Products To The Subscription Plan

  • Click on the subscription plan

  • Click on the Add products button to add products to your subscription

  • You can create multiple tiers within your subscription. For example, you can create a main subscription CAT All Plans. Then, you can create 2 sub-tiers like CAT course only tier, and CAT mock-test tier.

  • This way, your learners will have 3 options to buy the subsciption from you. To create subscription tiers click on Tiers on the left panel and click on add tiers button.

Step 3: Set the Subscription Validity And Pricing

  • To do that, click on the settings tab

  • Here you can set the validity and pricing details of your subscription. To create a recurring subscription every year, set the validity to 365 days.

  • Alternatively, to create a recurring monthly subscription, set the validity to 30 days

Step 4: Publish The Subscriptions

  • Once you have edited the details, click on the Publish Status button, select the LIVE option, and click on Next to Publish your subscription.

  • To enable subscriptions, first, go to your admin dashboard and click on the settings and select the pricing model

  • From here, you can click on the subscription plan to switch to subscriptions.

    • Read this implications guide to know the major changes that will happen when you switch to subscriptions.

Step 5: How Students Will View Subscriptions

  • After publishing the subscription, let us login to the academy as a student. As you can see the price of the course will be hidden. The Student can click on a course.

  • Then, they can click on the Go Premium button.

  • On the next screen, they will find the subscription and the tiers.

  • Read this guide to know how your learners can purchase courses when you switch to subscriptions.


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