How To Create Your First Bundle

With Learnyst, you can keep more than one course together as bundle and sell bulk courses or tests together. Here, I will tell you how to create your first bundle.

Step 1 : Now that you have some set of courses and tests created, click on Course Icon. Click on Create button.

Step 2 :  Click on Create button and give a Name to the bundle and Price and click on Create.

  • In the popup menu, Enter the Bundle Name in the Name Field.  In Course Type Select "Bundle" from the drop-down list. Enter the price for the bundle or select the  Free Bundle checkbox if you want to create the bundle as free

Step 3 :  Click on Add Course button. Select a Course/Test from the drop down list and click on Add to add them to your bundle.

Step 4 :  On adding test/course click on settings/publish to add details to your bundle course and publish it

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