How To Download Your Student Receipts Or Invoices

When your student purchases a course/mock test on your website they will instantly get the student receipt or invoice via email.

And also you can later download copies of them to use in your tax filing like the image below.

Please find the step by step instructions to download your student receipts in this article.

How to download your Student Receipts

First, on your admin dashboard, click on Reports

Now on the reports page, open Sales and click on Product Sales, and click on the All Sales button as shown in the image.

Select the invoice column from the drop-down menu.

Once click on Invoice, a new column will be added, where you will seeing the button to download the invoice

Your new student receipt or invoice is now ready to be used.

Details in your student receipt or invoice

Your Student receipt will contain the below details like

  • Mobile No: Your student's mobile number

  • Invoice No: A unique invoice number

  • HSN/SAC: Service accounting code (SAC) is used to classify services instead of goods. Since your is a service, the number will start from 99.

Know more: What are HSN and SAC codes

  • Activity: This is the product your student has purchased from you

  • Qty: The number of product the student has purchased from you

  • Rate/Amount: The price of your product

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Hope this article helped you to download your invoices. For more queries on learners check our ultimate learners master guide.

For reporting queries, use our structured and detailed reporting collections.

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