How to Duplicate Your Existing Products Using the New Copy Product Feature

Want to create a new course, mock-test or test series from your existing ones?

The new copy product feature is here to help you. In this support article, I will show you how to use this feature to create a new course from an existing courses.

In this article, we will cover:

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What Has Changed?

Previously, we had a copy course feature (within utilities) which allowed you to only copy an entire course within your school.

But, here were its drawbacks. You couldn't:

❌ Duplicate mock-tests

❌ Duplicate test-series

❌ Copy your products to a sub-school

❌ Copy lessons or quizzes to an existing course

Now, with the new copy product feature, we have overcome these drawbacks.

So, now you can:

✔️ Duplicate courses

✔️ Duplicate mock-tests

✔️ Duplicate test-series

✔️ Copy products to a sub-school

✔️ Copy lessons or quizzes to an existing or new course

Next, let's see how to access the copy product feature.

How to Access the Copy Product Feature

  • First, Go to manage and select utilities

  • Click the copy product option.

  • Here, you can copy either a course, mock-test or test series at a time and create a new product.

  • Next, let's see how to copy your course.

How to Copy a Course

  • Click on copy course option

  • Click the select button to select a course that you want to copy

  • If you have lot of courses, you can search your course title and select your course

  • Next, click on select sections to copy your course contents.

  • To copy the full course, you can select the all sections checkbox.

  • Or select an entire section by selecting the section checkbox.

  • Or you can select individual lessons within a section by selecting the lesson checkboxes.

Note: You can copy multiple sections and lessons using the above steps.

  • After copying the required lessons, click on the continue button

  • Here, you will see the copied lessons and quizzes count. Now, click on Next.

  • Now, click continue to copy these lessons.

  • Here, you can copy the course to a new course or an existing course.

  • To create a new course, select the new course checkbox and enter the new course name and click on confirm.

  • To paste these selected lessons into an existing course, select the existing course and a section within the course and click confirm.

How to Publish a Copied Course

  • Now, your course will get copied within 30 minutes. You can check the status of your copied course within the copy product history.

  • You will be notified via email when the copy course has started.

  • You will also get notified via email when the copy course is completed

  • You can find your new copied course under the courses section.

  • You can add the relevant branding details and click on publish to make your course LIVE.

  • Note: You can copy your next products once, the copy process is complete.

In a similar way, you can duplicate your mock-test and test series to create your new products.


Now, use the copy course feature to create new courses easily from your existing contents.

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