How To Edit Your Mock Tests

While creating a test, many a times it might happen that you make a small mistake that goes overlooked. But you have the option to edit your mock tests.

When it comes to editing, there are two things that you have to keep in mind,

  • You can change your mock test in its entirety, if the mock test is unpublished

  • For published test there are certain changes that you can make. But if you still want to make the changes then you have to unpublish the test and edit it. But please note that if you unpublish a mock test all the related learner performance records will get deleted as well as the enrolled learners.

So let's see how you can edit the mock tests,

Editing Unpublished Tests:

  • To edit an unpublished test, please log in to your admin dashboard and head towards your mock test section.

  • Select the mock test that you want to edit 

  • Now once inside you can either select the specific questions that you want to edit

  • Or, you can go to the mock test settings page to change the mock test related settings

Note: For unpublished tests you can edit anything and everything

Editing Published Tests:

Now let's say you have published the test but you need to edit certain things. The first few steps will be similar to editing the unpublished tests.

But for Published Tests, you will not be able to make these following edits,

  • Changing the positive and negative marks

  • Enabling multiple answer

  • Change answer choice (For MCQ)

  • Right answer choices

Apart from these, you can edit each and everything in a mock test

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