How to Enable Partial Marking Option

If your questions have more than one correct answer, then you may want to give marks if your student is partially correct.

At Learnyst, we have come up with a new feature called partial marking that allows you to do exactly this. In this article, we will see how to access this feature.

This feature is especially useful if you are preparing question papers for the IIT JEE exam.

How To Enable Partial Marking Option

  • The first step to start is to go to your admin dashboard. Go to any unpublished tests or create a new test

  • Select the MCQ option

  • Enable multiple answers option & now, enable partial marking

So, how does partial marking works?

Each question has FOUR options. ONE OR MORE THAN ONE of these four options (s) is(are) correct answer(s).

The answer to each question will be evaluated according to the following marking scheme:

  • Full Marks : +4 If only (all) the correct option(s) is(are) chosen.

  • Partial Marks: +3 If all the four options are correct but ONLY three options are chosen

  • Partial Marks: +2 If three or more options are correct but ONLY two options are chosen, both of which are correct

  • Partial Marks: +1 If two or more options are correct but ONLY one option is chosen and it is a correct option

  • Zero Marks : 0 If none of the options is chosen (i.e. the question is unanswered)

  • Negative Marks: -1 In all other cases


Now that you have an idea about partial marking, I encourage you to try it out. Go ahead and prepare your students to crack the tough competitive exams.

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