How To Fill Out Your Business Details For GST Compliant Invoice

Know how to provide your GSTIN details to Learnyst for processing of Invoice upon making payment.This will help you with GST input claim.

As you are already aware that GST is made compulsory for all the financial transactions in India.We have made our platform compatible with GST reform.So, now we can provide you with the GST complaint invoice for all the transactions made.

If you are registered business in India and have valid GSTIN, you can provide us with the details using GSTIN form available at the settings page.

Steps to provide GSTIN details:

  • Login to your admin dashboard 

  • Navigate to settings page

  • In the settings page navigate to Billing Address where you can see the form with fields required for processing the Invoice.

  • Fill the form and save.

GSTIN details and Address you have saved in the form will be used for invoice purposes by default.

An invoice will be generated only if billing address details are already submitted before making subscription payment.

Note: GSTIN form is exclusively for users having registered business in India.

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