How To Organize Your Course Easily Using Tags (Master Guide)

Using Tags, in your Learnyst dashboard, you can label your contents. Learners can use these tags and find courses they love.

For e.g. if you run a CAT coaching institute, you can create tags with terms like, "jumbled paragraphs", "graphs", "Venn diagrams" etc.

In this support article, let us see how to use the 4 tags to organize your course contents.

Content Tag Creation - How To Create A Tag For the First Time

  • In this support article, you will learn how to create a new tag. Create tags and assign products or newsfeeds.

Newsfeed Tagging - How To Tag Your Newsfeed Articles

  • Learn how to use tags to organize your newsfeeds. An organized website ranks well on google

Question Tagging - How To Add Questions Tags In Mock-Tests

  • Question tags can help your students assess their performance. They can view how strong or weak they are wrt to specific exam topics.

Product Tagging - How To Tag Your Courses/ Mock-tests/ Bundles

  • Use the features section of your courses, mock-tests, or bundles, and learn how to tag your courses. Make it easy to be found.

Lesson Tagging - How To Tag Individual Lessons In Courses

  • Know how you can tag lessons to help learners search for specific lessons

Content Tagging - How Can Tags Benefit You

  • Learn how to make learning more effective for your students using these 4 types of tags.

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