How to prevent misuse of student logins

Recently an educator asked us - "What if one student buys my classes and shares with all his friends though his account? How to prevent it?" 

If this is your question, this support article will tell you how we prevent such an act. 

At Learnyst we prevent parallel login access by default. This means, a student login cannot have two active login sessions at the same time. 

Further to prevent login misuse, we have an add-on called Anti piracy pack available in the Add On section of your admin dashboard 

Select Anti piracy pack and activate it 

By activating the anti piracy pack, you can

  1. Identify students who share their credentials

If a student shares his\her password to a friend, then the login address (IP address) will change. If a students IP address changes too many times, restrict or warn such students from sharing the credentials.

2. Mandate login using OTP entry
You can mandate an OTP to be entered every time a student tries to login. OTP verification makes it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. 

To track more student Logins or to use OTP verification, you need to enable the Standard Version of Antipiracy packs.

Free version of antipiracy packs doesn't have OTP verification and will allow login tracking of upto 3 students.


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