How To Sell Multiple Courses/Mocktests As Combo Using The Bundle Feature

What is a Bundle selling?

A Bundle is a feature that helps in selling your existing individual Courses at once as a package.

For example, you have created and started selling ten courses individually at the certain price each. If you take each course price as thousand each, then their combined value is 10 courses x 1000 = 10000.  Now if you wanted to sell all the 10 courses as a package for your Learners so that they no need to make ten individual transactions for purchasing the ten courses.

Here you can create a bundle and add the ten existing courses then start selling all the ten courses under one package for 10000 or any discounted price. Since it is a package, Learners can purchase ten courses in a single transaction.

How to create a bundle for course:

How to create a bundle for mock test:

FAQs on Bundle usage:

Is bundle a substitute of course?

No, you need to have individual courses for selling, the bundle is just bringing multiple selected courses under a single package.

Do I need to set pricing for the bundle separately as already pricing is set for each individual course?

Yes, you need to set the price for a bundle separately. Individual course prices that were added to this bundle won't affect the bundle price.

If I wanted to offer a free course inside a bundle along with Paid courses how can I do it?

 You can make a course paid or free from the setting page of that particular course. So, select the course which you wanted to make as free, navigate to the setting page and select pricing then make it as a free course.Save the settings.

Can I allow users to buy the courses individually or an entire bundle as per their wish?

Yes! You need to allow the course to be sold independently. In the course pricing page checkmark the option "SELL INDEPENDENTLY " and save the settings.

You can uncheck the option if you want to sell the courses under packages and not individually   

If I wanted to sell the courses only under packages and not individually then how to set pricing?  

Even if you wanted to sell the courses under bundle packages you need to make sure you have set price for each course. Do NOT mark as a FREE course.

If i have added two free courses along with paid courses to a bundle how Learners will access the free courses before purchasing the bundle?
Learners need to click on ENROLL for a free option, once they enroll they can access all the free courses added to that bundle.

Do I need to set validity for Bundle even there is already validity set for each course added to that Bundle?

Yes, you need to provide the validity or expiry of that bundle. Always the validity of the bundle will be final and not the individual course' validity.

For example:

You have three individual courses A,B,C and their validities are 6 months for A, 3 months for B , 1 month for C. Now you have created a Bundle and added A,B,C to that bundle and set the validity as 9 months for that bundle. 

So, when a Learner purchases the Bundle they will 9 months validity for all the courses A, B, C. 

In this case, if you have enabled SELL INDEPENDENTLY option and a Learner purchases only course A then the course validity will be 6 months as default that is set for that course.  

Can I add a course to a bundle before publishing it?

No, Course needs to be published before adding to the bundle. Un-published courses/mock tests can't be added to a bundle.

Can I add new content to a course after publishing it ?

Yes, you can add new content to a course even after publishing the course.

Can I add new questions or edit existing after publishing a "MockTest"?

No, In-case of mock tests adding new questions or editing the existing question's data like marks is not possible as it will show a serious impact on the mock test data like Results, Leaderboard etc.

How can I add mock tests to a bundle which doesn't have any questions at present but planned for the future date?

You can enable coming soon option from Mock test settings and publish the mock test.After publishing the mock test you can add it a bundle.

When the content(Questions ) for that mock test is ready you can un-publish the mock test > add questions > Uncheck mark the "coming soon" option from the settings page and publish the mock test back. 

When the mock test is in COMING SOON state, Learners can't access the mock test.A banner that mock test will be available soon will be shown to the Learners.


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