How to Setup Google Analytics on your Learnyst website

Google Analytics is a code that you add to your website to track your ads performance on Facebook.

In this article we will cover:

How to Add Google Analytics manually to your website

Sign in to your Google Analytics Account. Click on Admin

Under Property, select tracking info> Tracking Code.

Copy the tracking code

Paste the tracking code in the code snippet section of your website.

Go to your admin dashboard>Marketing>App Integrations

Go to the code snippet in & click Add Scripts Button

Paste the code within the Site Footer Code of the code snippet

Scroll down and click on Save changes.

Now go to your admin dashboard>Apps(website)>website builder

Click on Save Button

Next Click On Publish Button to publish the changes.

Open your website for eg: in the incognito window. Right-click and choose View page source (Ctrl+u).

Press Ctrl+F and search in google analytics to see the updated code.

Once the code is added, verify if the code is working by going to a real-time report.

For more details on tracking your student data for your marketing efforts check our support article: App Integrations Masterguide

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