How To Take LIVE Classes Online Using Learnyst Live - Master Guide

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We are no longer supporting Learnyst LIVE.

Instead, we have integrated Zoom with Learnyst. So, you can conduct LIVE classes on Learnyst without any additional configuration or Zoom license.

Alternatively, you can also embed any other third-party LIVE apps on Learnyst.

If you are a new user, you can ignore this article and instead refer to

How to Conduct Zoom LIVE Classes From Your Academy

Looking to stream your lectures to 100's of students LIVE?

And answer their questions through live chat?  

Yes, you can now do it with the latest Learnyst Live.

By the end of this guide, we will see how you can take live classes online using Learnyst LIVE even if you are a complete beginner.

We will also explore how you can share your screen and video with your students LIVE & the software you need to run the LIVE classes smoothly.

You can watch the entire video above, or follow these steps one by one.

Let us get started.

How To Create Your LIVE Class

First, let us go to the learnyst admin dashboard and click on Products and then Courses

Click on the create button on the top right corner. Now, give a proper title & price to your LIVE classes and click on the Create button.

This takes us to the course builder. Now, create a section and give a section name.

To create a live stream, click on the LIVE VIDEO lesson.

Here, you can give a proper Lesson Name and provide the name of the instructor who would be taking this live session.

By default, the Learnyst Live stream will be selected. You can even select other streams like UStream, YouTube, Zoom, and Others like GoogleMeet and integrate it here.

For the scope of this article, we will choose the Learnyst live Stream.

Next, you can select a date & also pick a start and end time.

You can pick today’s date or even schedule your LIVE classes for up to 15 days in advance.

For timings, please note that your LIVE classes need to be at least 30 min long. It can go up to 120 min or 2 hrs per session.

After your session is complete, the system will automatically upload the LIVE session. You can enable or disable this by clicking the upload the live session checkbox.

Now, let us go ahead and save the LIVE class.

As soon as you click SAVE, you can notify your learners through Email or SMS. You can click Continue to send emails to all your verified student emails.

Next, let us activate your LIVE class. To make your LIVE class active, click on Publish status and make your course LIVE.

So, with this, we have created a LIVE class for a specific date and a specific time.

You can repeat these steps to run multiple LIVE classes at the same time and notify your students accordingly.

Now, to teach your students LIVE you need software to capture your screen and stream your LIVE video.

Download And Configure OBS

(Watch detailed steps in this video from 3.40s to 5:25s)

For that, we will be using a tool called OBS. Or Open broadcaster software. Let us download & install this software and see how to stream LIVE.

Note: I have covered the detailed steps about OBS settings, adding the screens in the Download and Configure OBS support article.

Stream Your LIVE Classes

Till now, we have created a LIVE class and downloaded the OBS software. Next, let us see how to stream your LIVE classes to your students using the OBS.

(Watch detailed steps in this video from 5.35s to 7:20s)

To stream your created LIVE Classes to your students, you need the server and stream key.

To get the server and stream key, go to your Learnyst admin dashboard and click on the Start LIVE class button.

Note: Click on the start the live class button, 10 mins before your session. This will give you sufficient time to copy-paste the server and stream key in your OBS software.

Upon clicking on the Start Live class button, you will see the server and stream key getting generated.

Copy the server key and stream key in a notepad.

Next, go to your OBS software, go to the settings and click on Stream.

Choose custom from the service tab and paste the stream link.

Next copy the Stream key from the Learnyst dashboard or notepad and paste it here. With this, you are ready to start streaming your LIVE classes.

Please note if you don’t start streaming for more than 15 min after clicking the start live class button, your LIVE class will get canceled automatically.

So, to start streaming the LIVE class, click on the start streaming button in the OBS studio. As you can see the LIVE stream has started.

So, now your students will be able to see your presentation or any screens that you have set in the OBS studio. They can also ask you questions through the LIVE chat window.

To answer student questions, you can go to your admin dashboard and click on the chat window on the right side to see all their questions.

Hope this article was useful for you to know how to conduct live classes & view live class reports.

To know how to present a ppt and use a whiteboard to solve problems with your students, do check out the OBS for Online teaching support article.

Key Points to note about Live classes  

  • Schedule your live classes at least 10 min before you want to start them.
    (Ex: To give a live class at 1.00 pm, please schedule before 12.50 pm)

Schedule your live classes at least 10 min before you want to start them.
(Ex: To give a live class at 1.00 pm, please schedule before 12.50 pm)

  • Your live class duration can be from 30 min to max 120 min

Your live class duration can be from 30 min to max 120 min

  • Live classes will be canceled if you don't start them in 15 mins from the scheduled time. 

Live classes will be canceled if you don't start them in 15 mins from the scheduled time. 

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