How to use Hindi Kruti Dev font for Quiz/Mocktest.

Kruti Dev is non-Unicode clip font typeface.So, it requires additional process to make Internet browsers support & display the font for users.

Here is how to use the Kruti Dev font while creating the Mocktests or Quizzes:

  • Once you have navigated to question Maker page ,You can see the text input fields by using which usually you create/edit the questions.

  • Select the text field where you wanted to use the krutidev font.

  • Copy paste the Krutidev text from your source,then text displayed will be filled with irregular characters.Now select the text you wanted to convert and click "Aa"(Font icon) available from the menu,select Krutidev option available at top of the list.

  • Once you fill all the fields of the question,save the question before moving to next questions.

If you want to increase the font size of the text ,please select the text and use font resize option available in the tool bar.

You can preview the question by clicking on the Preview option available at top left of question maker page.


If you have the Hindi Mangal font type at source, you can copy and paste directly in the fields and no need of manually converting them as needed to do with Kruti-Dev font.

For the time being, importing of questions with Krutidev font is supported only through Microsoft WORD import template available in quiz maker. We will let you know once the system supports importing of krutidev font based questions through Excel templates. 

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