How To Use The Bundle Analytics Report To Get The Student Enrollment Details

Bundle analytics reports show the student enrollment details across courses in the bundle. Let us see how to access the reports. (Watch from 7.20s-9.20s)

How To Access Bundle Analytics Reports

  • To download these course or mock test reports, you need to head to reports>learning analytics and select the respective sections.

  • Only courses marked sell independently will be visible in the learning analytics:

But what if you need to download reports of courses that are listed only within bundles? or in other words nonindependent courses:

  • To do that, select the learning analytics and bundles

  • Click on any of the bundles and select the course from the filter on the top right corner. For e.g: I have selected the Medical 123 bundle & selected a course in it.

  • Once you have selected the course, you can click on the Export option to download the analytics reports.

  • The reports will be emailed to your registered mail id. This report will get you the list of learners, their enrollment dates & course completion percentages.

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Note: As of now, you can only filter courses from bundles.

  • If you have mock tests within bundles & want to download learner reports, please go to learner analytics>mocktests

  • Only mock tests marked sell independently will be visible in the learning analytics:

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Hope this helped in downloading analytics reports for your courses within bundles.

To learn more about learning analytics reports especially in test and test series, please check the below support article: Test Series vs Mock test Reports

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