How To Use The MockTest Analytics Report To Assess Your Student Performance

With our Reports section, you can now check the learner performance for each of your mock tests. Here's how you can do it. (Watch video from 4.20s-7:20s)

How To Access The MockTest Analytics Report

  • Head over to Reports from your admin dashboard

  • Now click on Learning Analytics > Mocktest and select a specific mock-test

  • On the next screen, you will be able to see the birds-eye view of your learner's performance report

Let us assess what each of these report sections means.

How To Interpret The Report

Birds Eye View Of Performance Details

  • Get a view of your learner's average score, average score percentage & number of test-takers.


  • View learner performance reports based on their attempts. View reports based on their attempts.

Grading Report

  • View your learner's average score as a graph. For instance, the below graph shows the mark range of 3 learners who took the test.

Progress Report

  • View the completion status of your mock-tests. For e.g. this graph shows that out of 4 learners, 3 have completed the test & 1 learner is still completing the test.

Score Summary Report

  • This summarizes how your learners have performed across each mock-test section. View their scores, question attempts & time spent in the section.

Answer Distribution Reports

  • Answer distribution reports give you the stats of how many students in your entire mock-test have answered each question correctly.

  • For e.g, you can assess how strong your students are about a concept by checking their correct & wrong answers. This report helps you do that.

Test Takers Report

  • If you want to assess the individual learners, you can check it from the test-takers' report.


To assess your individual test-takers, do check out how to effectively assess online learning of your student's article.

Use this data to personalize your courses & mock-tests for your students. You can even add teaching assistants or admins specifically for your students.

Do you have any questions or queries? You can reach us at or through chat.

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