Mock Pack FAQ

What is Mock Pack?

Mock pack is a simplified plan aimed to help the tutors who are interested in conducting only mock tests. They will get all the essential features at very affordable cost. And they can generate more revenue from it.

How Mock Pack Works?

Upon sign up you will be asked to choose either from Mock Pack or Course Pack. Or if you are an existing customer, you can write to us and we will update your account to our new pricing plans. 

What Are Test Takes Ranges in Mock Pack?

Test take range determines the maximum number of unique test attempts that your learners can take in a month (Or annually, if you have subscribed to the annual plan).

For Example:

Say if there is one unique mocktest named Prep1 on sale.If four Learners A,B,C,D register and purchase one mock test each, then the maximum probability of test takes in that month will be four.

1 Mocktest x 4 Learners  =  4 unique test takes.

Difference Between "Test Takes" and "Test Retake" ?

When a Learner is giving the particular Mocktest for the first time, it is considered as unique test count. That means, a test take will be counted and deducted from TestTakes balance only when the learner takes the test for the first time after purchase. But retakes are not counted as test taken count. So test retake will not affect your test takes balance in mock pack.

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