Test Series Reports vs Mock-test Reports

Mock tests & Test Series are two powerful tools to prepare your students for exams.
In this article lets see the difference between the test series & mock-test report. 


The key difference between test series & mock-test reports are: 

  • Test series reports gives detailed analysis across multiple tests whereas 

  • Mock-test reports gives a detailed analysis of a particular test. 

Lets find out how both these reports are different. Lets take a look at the test series reports.  

Test Series Reports 

Suppose you have given 10 tests on the topic of logical reasoning, the test series reports will give you the entire performance history of your student across the tests. 

Test series reports give you the below key elements.

Overall Performance Summary
Tells your student how many tests they have completed, what is the average score per test & other details like accuracy & speed. 

Strengths & Weakness Graph
Based on the overall performance of student across the tests, this graph tells your student whether this topic ex: logical reasoning, is their strength or weakness

Topic Wise Performance
Tell your student how they have performed in the other subtopics. For ex, within logical reasoning there are other sub topics like tables, graphs & reasoning.
Your students can see their scores here. 

Weak Topics Assessment
Your students can see which all subtopics they are really weak & should focus more time on

Overall score across the sub topics
Your students can see the overall scores across the subtopics along with the test completion rates. 

Mock Test Reports

Mock test report gives your student a detailed analysis of that particular mocktest.
Below are the key details in the mock-test reports

Overall Score & Accuracy %
Shows the overall score achieved & also the total accuracy percentage scored by the student. 

Overall Performance Analysis
Give remarks on your students performance & also show them the % of the correct & wrong answers

Your tests can have multiple sections. Give your students the performance results across all sections

Leader boards
Show your students where they stand compared to the rest of the class. Use leader boards to motivate them to better their performance. 

Topic Assessment
Show the overall time taken by student to answer all the sections in the topics. 

To summarize, your test series & mock-tests are 2 powerful tools for you to creating amazing tests. Each one has its own detailed reports.

You can easily create tests & test series by importing questions to your question pool

So, head straight to your dashboard & create your mock-tests & test series today.

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