The New Sub-admin Role: How can sub-admin manage learners

Note: Sub-admins having the below standard roles will have access to manage learners.

Please note that they will be able to manage learners associated with assigned products.

Sub admins, can access learners within the Users module in your dashboard.

Only the sub-admins with Root Admin or Content Admin Plus role can manage your learners. Please note that Root Admin can access all learners however, Content Admin Plus will have to access learners through enrolment page.

If your sub-admin doesn't have either of the 2 roles, you can change the sub-admin roles.

Let us see how to access learners as sub-admin.

To access Learners, log in to your Learnsyt account > Go to Admin Dashboard > Click on Users>Learners

Hope this support article showed you how to access the learners as a sub-admin

Go ahead and manage learners in your course.

To know more on how to manage your sub-admins, refer to the comprehensive master guide on sub-admins

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