The New Sub Admin Role - Master Guide

Running your entire teaching business activity all by yourself is tough.

But, if you have people to handle your side activities like managing students or course marketing, you become freer to focus on teaching.

Your ability to succeed depends on how well you can teach and how well you can delegate your side activities.

To help you delegate your tasks, we have a new feature: the sub-admins.

You can not just delegate the task, you have more freedom to assign specific roles to sub-admins. In short, you can designate tasks more easily.

If you are new to the sub-admin feature, this guide is for you.

In the rest of the guide, let me give you a roadmap to different support articles related to sub-admins.

The A-Z Story Of Your New Sub-Admin Roles

Wondering what a root admin or content admin is? Don't worry. (Watch the video from 1:52s-4.05s)

This support article will explain each role in a picture story format in just 5 min.

The First Success Step: How to Create A Sub-Admin

Delegating tasks to your sub-admins is a critical step towards your success. (Watch the video from 1:20s - 4:20s)

So, first, let us see how to create a sub-admin in Learnyst: your 1st success step

Change Roles: How To Edit An Existing Sub-Admin Role

Don't fret one bit over how to change your sub-admin roles. It is really easy.

(Watch the video from 6:00s - 6:35s)

Learn how to change someone from root admin to marketing or content admin+

Assign Products: Add Sub-Admins To Any Of Your Products

Learn the entire steps of assigning products to your sub-admins with this support article. (Watch the video from 4:05s-4:50s)

Assign Question Pools: Add Sub-Admins To Your Question Pools

Learn the entire steps of assigning question pools to your sub-admins with this support article. (Watch the video from 4:20s-4.55s)

Track Every Step: How To Track Your Sub-Admin Activity

Learn how to track every step of your sub-admin activity. (Watch the video from 10:05s-10:50s)

Mix Match & Customize: How To Create Custom Sub-Admin Role

Learn to mix, match, and customize permissions. (Watch video from 7:15s-9:05s)

Learn how to create custom sub-admin roles from this support article.


Hope this article, guides you in creating and managing sub-admins. As always, use the support chat, if you still have any questions.

Now, go ahead and start adding your sub-admins. To manage other features like learners in your User module, refer to how to manage your learners master guide.

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