Understanding User Role

On the Learnyst platform, there are different user roles that we often talk about. To run your online teaching business it is important for you to understand all the user roles. Provided below are the different user roles that one can take upon the platform.


As easy it is to figure out, learners are the students of your e-learning school. Their first point of interaction will be admins and faculties.

Any issues faced by them will go to school admin and if the issue is unresolved then the issue will be escalated to the Learnyst support team.


Faculty or sub-admin will be the moderator between the school admin and the learners. Learn to mix, match, permissions for your faculty members


Admins are the head of the eLearning schools. They retain the full authority of introducing any changes, create and publish courses or quizzes or bundles, add or remove students. They have full access to all the modules of the platform. In case of any issue faced by the learner, the first point of escalation will be the school admin.

Super Admin

Super admins are your friends from Learnyst. Any and all the issues faced by the admins and faculties will be escalated to super admins. And if the issues faced by the learners are not resolved at the admin level then it will be escalated to the super admins.

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