Common Issues In Web App

Admin Dashboard

Needs to change "Account name" which will be displayed for students when discussions are replied by admin

  • View as student > profile settings > Name > change Name > Save

Course builder

Media files not available for preview after upload

  • Media files uploaded will be processed to make them available for web and mobile platforms, this processing may take little amount of time based on the content of the file.

  • You will get email on success or failure of the processing. It may take 30 minutes or more for normal processing and little more in case of encrypted courses.


Encryption/Processing failed for some files

  • Selecting trail/paid while files are in Processing state will make the file processing to fail.

  • Uploading the video file without audio will fail the processing.


Getting logged out or session expired several times

  • Old cache may be causing the issue.

  • Kindly check once in Incognito mode and contact Learnyst team if not resolved.

"Session expired" message after leaving the page unused for long amount of time

  • System will temporarily show session expired if not used for long amount of time.You can continue by logging in again .Session expire may also happen when same userid is being used for login at the same time.

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